About Us
The idea for the Tumbletrain Mobile Gymnastics Program™ came
about from the demand I have seen from parents of children in
childcare facilities. Since I began running an after-school
gymnastics program parents have approached me about offering a
preschool class in the evening to accommodate working parents.
After some research I found that almost none of the area
gymnastics schools offer such a service.

It is essential for children to learn the importance of a healthy
lifestyle at a young age. If we can encourage children to exercise
on a regular basis, they will begin to see how good it makes them
feel and how much fun it can be! With childhood obesity on the
rise, children need something fun to motivate them. Our programs
will keep your children moving, learning and having fun from the
moment they enter class until the moment they leave.

Fran DelVecchio has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for
over 20 years first as a student, then a competitive gymnast and
finally as an instructor. Fran has worked with children from 18
months to 18 years old.

She is a USA Gymnastics Kinder Accredited Teacher. Only a
limited number of instructors nationwide are granted this
certification. She also holds current certification in Gymnastics
Safety and Pediatric First Aid and attends several developmental
clinics and seminars annually.

Before creating the Tumbletrain Mobile Gymnastics Program™
she served for more than 8 years in Director-level roles at
several major gyms throughout Fairfield County. Most recently,
she served as Preschool Program Director at Arena Gymnastics in
Stamford, CT.
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